WR bits for sale in oz

Got some bits off my old 99wr400 for sale if anybody in Australia is interested. Original 12lt tank and seat, set of 4.3 ebach fork springs, B & B aluminum rear mudguard support bracket,(same as Sidetrack magazine used for Australian Safari), 2000 YZ400 top triple clamp (handle bar mounts 10mm further forward than standard 98/99wr mounts) Also got a set of Super Motard rims and tyres I made up for a bit of road riding. And don't you think that's fun!!! Let me know if your interested.


no thanks fitzy,,i got my 99 wr400,,2weeks ago,,VERY happy with it,,have you ridden one with performance pipe?? i seen a wr 426 in town last week with road tires on it,,spun me out a bit,,



How much do you want for your Motard wheels?


Hi Fitzy,

I am interested in your Super Motard rim E-mail me at nthwind@pacific.net.sg :)


I want $400 for the wheels & tyres. Bit of info on them. The front is of a xs650 yamaha

18 x 1.85 & uses the original wr front axle, bolts straight in. no need to modify anything.

Rear is of GPX250 Kawasaki 16 x 2.5 & uses original kawasaki axle with shims and spacers to suit, bolts right in as well. Has a 45 tooth sprocket on from memory

Let me know if you want any more info.May consider a deal on an aftermarket pipe a muffler.



see above reply to scott and let me know if your still interested, if so I email you so we can hook up



Had a staintune muffler on mine and was very happy with it. more power allthrough the range with the baffle in. Used to remove the baffle for motorcross to get more top end & overrev. Wish I'd kept it to put on my 2001 wr400. Might get another yet, good aussie pipe



Thanks for the reply. I will pass on this deal as I am looking to build up some 19" wheels so I can run standard size dirt track tires.


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