Fork Diameter

Could anybody be so kind and mic thier fork tube diameter at the point where they are clamped by the triple clamp, upper and lower. Would prefer off an '00 yz426f. I have a chance to buy a pair at a good price and wondering if they will work for my application. Also the length and diameter of the bearing area of the stem would help also. Hope this isn't asking too much. Thanks

Help please!!!!!!

How much money ya got for me to tear my bike apart for some measurements you cheap bastard!!



Well this is as close as I could get.

The bottom clamp area came in at 2.30 inches (58.42mm).

The top is 2.117 inches (53.7718mm).

The length of the bottom edge of the bottom clamp to the top edge of the top clamp is about 10.6875 inches (271.4625mm).

The diameters were measured with calipers. Fairly close. The length was measured with a tape measure so give or take 2mm.

I could not get into the stem for any valid specs. Sorry.

You might also be able to call one of the triple clamp manufactures and ask them as well. Most are small and usually helpful companies.

Hope this helps.


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