HELP! YZ426 2002 roller with 2001 engine

I had to replace my siezed engine on my 2002 yz426 with another engine. I purchased a 2001 that is excellent condition. I went to mount it to my bike and the swingarm bolt would not fit. The 2002 bolt was to big for the ID of the 2001 bushing. So, I pulled the steel bushings from my old 2002 casings off and found that the OD of the 2002 was bigger than the 2001, so it didnt fit. What are my options?

Again: 2001 swing arm bushings are to small for the 2002 swing arm bolt. 2002 bushing's OD are to large to fit into the 2001 casings.

Have a machine shop open the hole up to the 02 size. They went with a bigger pivot shaft in 02.

Thats what I was thinking, but damn that metal is stuborn. Tried to use my own drill press, but it didnt make anything more than a scratch. Any other suggestions are always appreciated.

Take the 01 and 02 bushings to a machine shop and have the 02 bushings turned down on a lathe to the 01 O.D. How much difference are we talking about?


so .2 mm = .008 in (for us guys who think in inches) on the would be reducing wall thickness by .004. That shouldn't hurt a thing. You could even run a bolt thru the '02 bushing, tighten a nut down on it, chuck it up in your drill press, and kiss .004 off with a file and probably ne all right. I would just be sure to prime the bushing OD when you're done and install it "wet" with permatex no 2 or some other sort of sealant to keep it from rusting.

I believe he meant 2.0mm, but he got cute with the little dots.

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Thanks guys. The bushings are at a metal shop right now awaiting ID or OD mods. I'm hoping to get them back by the end of the week so I can ride. Much appreciation for your help.

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