New to dirt bikes and just bought a 2006 kx450f

I am new to dirt bike riding and just bought a used 2006 kx450f and the only riding I have done so far is around the block and when I bought it. I have been riding sport bikes for about 10 years and have been doing track days for the last two years. Have had 600,750, and 1000cc bikes and currently have a 2009 zx6r by the way.

I love the power of this kx it reminds me of my 2003 r1 liter bike as it really pulls that hard from idle. Can't wait to get it out off road. My original plan was to wait till spring but don't think I can wait that long. I live in the Northern, VA area so not too many places close by to ride as I will have to trailer the bike about 1.5 hours away to get it out.

Anyways just came across this forum and will be in here from time-to-time looking for advice and such.

Hi and welcome. I've got the same bike, and all my riding places are 1+ hrs drive. But it's worth it! Yeah the engine has a beautiful spread of responsive power. Ample for on the dirt.

What's your bike's condition like, and prior history?

Post some bike pics here if you can. In case it's not obvious, you upload your pic somewhere else like photobucket or Picasaweb, then put links here.

There are a few very significant mods to improve the 06 bike. 1 = suspension. 1 = 22mm triples. 3 = fix the rear linkage ratio. Those three things make it a totally different bike. Night vs day difference. Goes without saying you need the right tires for your dirt, and lots of ride time to dial in the settings. The 08 engine mount mod helps cornering/steering too.

Hard to see your bike's condition in that lighting. Looks like an original front tire. That's a great sign if the case. As is the original looking clutch cover.

Your bike is an 07 I think. Which means your linkage is better, as is the stock suspension.

The 06 looks like this:


And here is a new 07:


I think you are right as it is an 07.

It really was a great deal I paid just $2500 and it was hardly ridden at all.

I got my 2nd pic off Kawi's web site, in 2007. Interesting, his bike has the 07 plastics and dark hubs, but not the DLC on the lower fork tubes.

rrich, all you need to go is count your gears. The 06 only has 4. The 06 also has Ti footpegs, and plastic 'Y' joins on the coolant hoses.

Yeah, that would be the best way to check. How many gears does she have!

His bike also has 2 lines on the wishbone portion of the frame I think (hard to see). This would mean 2006 as well...

It looks like an '06 to me...the lines on the frame = '06

Hey Rrich

Enjoy your new bike. Keep up on oil changes and keep your air filter clean and that bike will give years of fun.I have an 06 with 180 hrs on it. No major problems. Agian enjoy and wecome to the site :p


I had an 06 and loved it, untill the crank shaft snapped just below the piston. This in turn took out pretty much everything in my motor including transmission gears, cases, piston, & cylinder! I did some research and found out that the crank shafts were not built strong enough in 06, and was strengthened in 07. My bike probably had 300 hrs on it when it blew. On the bright side, i didn't have to adjust the valves one during the time I owned it. It always started and ran perfectly!


Just wondering if you still had the stock piston or what you had in there on your 06?

thanx in advance


@Gonzokx. Yes I had a stock piston. I never did anything to the engine b/c the valves were always within spec, and it always ran really well. I should have been more specific, the connecting rod, rather than the actual crankshaft, snapped at the very top just below the piston.

Welcome to the forum!

If it is an 06

Check the scavenger screen

Change the radiator Y that is plastic out for the 07 metal one (the plastic one melts and splits)

I run a 1.8 radiator cap and catch tank but my bike is used mostly for HS and enduros


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