removal of coolant resevoir

I ride alot on a motocross track and I want to shed a couple of pounds. Has anyone removed the coolant resevoir or does anyone know if this is reasonable to do without causing overheating?

It is OK for Motocross but it weighs very little if you just run it low or empty and you can leave it on and add to half full for woods riding. empty plastic bottle and hose weigh about 1 lb. :)

I removed mine without any problems! :):D

Has anyone removed it and replaced the stock radiator cap for a higher pressure cap off of a KX500 or something like that? Remember reading something like that a while back.

To the 'bout it folks? Higher pressure cap for resevoir removal safety? Know someone out there has the $$$$$$$ answer. :)

just remove bottle,run overflow hose straight down frame and replace wr radiator cap with YZ radiator cap.if you want to sell your coolant resevoir bottle let me know my buddy is looking for one.

Didn't realize that a YZ's cap was different but I'll check into it. Gonna keep the bottle as I do everything stock, but thanks for the reply.

I replaced my stock cap with a KX500 the hose and removed the reservoir. No problems. The only time I've lost coolant was when I went from San Diego to Colorado and rode up to 13,500 feet...could have guessed that I'd lose some, huh??

Get rid of it, that's what I say. :)

the release pressure of kx500 radiator cap is 16psi.yz426 and wr426 radiator cap is your money 1\10psi difference wont make a difference.Back in the early to mid's 90's people used to swith to kx500 cap because most bikes[2-strokes] came with 12 or 14psi cap.almost all offroad 4 strokes come with 16psi radiator cap.

Just remove the bottle and ride it. You should be checking your level before every ride anyway. I removed my bottle last year and routed my overflow hose straight down. I am still using my stock WR cap with no problems. Went riding last weekend to 9,000 feet with the temp over 100 degrees at the excessive coolant loss and that was only while idling. This was on mostly tight single-track; relatively slow riding. Three words...don't idle excessively. Just monitor your level and ride.


the release pressure of kx500 radiator cap is 16psi.yz426 and wr426 radiator cap is 15.9psi.

426 cap is 1.1 atmospheres.

Most KX caps, including the one on my KX5, are 1.4, I think a KX 65 is actually 1.6...

1.1 is 16 psi

1.4 is 21 psi

Why not use the bottle as a emergency fuel tank ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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