Barkbusters for the WR400F -- What are you running?

Hey everyone!

So I broke a brake lever this weekend rallying around the Tillamook forest. It wasn't a day ending sort of break, but still un enjoyable. The current plastic handguards, that I beleive are OEM, just bend right up when they impact, not really protecting much. While it does save me against roost and trees, it's just a bit lack luster!

So, what are you all running?

I'm running the UFO full wrap arounds on my 450 (Don't see why they would not work on a 400...).

Don't break the bank, and they have taken some hits, and the plastic shows it (rock gouges, etc...) but outside of that they have been worry and issue free, and have not moved since installed, and have defently saved me some levers.

Reflex blue = yamaha blue......

Metal hand guards are a must when dodging trees,or saving levers,guards that are steel or aluminum work best.

Moose. Good hand guards are the first thing I put on any bike I get. Mostly to save levers in a crash but they have prevented many broken hands as well from hitting trees in the tight stuff.

Alright. I'd like a metal/plastic combo. ONly one I've seen thus far was Tusk.

Also, I should mention I'm running Renthal fat bars!

The UFO's are metal/plastic, and full wrap around....

You can get a look at them doing their job

and, yes, I was huffing, and puffing, like a old, fat heavy smoker, because thats what i am, and that was hour...ohhh...6 of what was a all around, wet, cold, miserable day....and that lil part of it just kinda topped it all

Welp, if they work for a dieing geezer, they'll work for me :p

Thanks for the advice. I'm not so stoked on the whole broken lever thing...

Fastway or Cycra the only way to go. I run the Fastways on my Supermoto YZ-F and WR off road bike.

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