WR426 seat foam!

OK, anyone have any suggestions on seat foam? the stock setup on my WR 426 is too hard for those long rides. I'm 6'0" and dont need a taller one, just a softer one. I get

"monkey butt" :D at about the 30 mile mark and never did with my KDX. I'm looking for a brand name and if you have a part number with brand name, that would be great! :)

I feel your pain my brother. I've got the same issues. I've been searching for new seat foam and cover or a complete seat for my WR 426 (with stock tank). Let's hope some good samaritan will help us relieve the monkey!

I have an 03 250 and my tailbone area started hurting so bad I thought I had broken or pulled something - I didn't connect it with the seat at first. I stand or take most of the hits in my legs while riding but even then, I was getting worse and worse over a 6 mo period. I also ride a WR426 with a SDG seat/clarke tank (just as hard as 02 stock) but never had that much a problem with it. Guts Racing has a tall and soft foam (and stock sizes) that I put on the 250 about 2 months ago - it squishes down enough to mimic the old seat height just fine (I'm 5'10"). Expensive, but I like it - and my tailbone area is slowly getting better which means I can ride now without pain in yet another area. I used to have a KDX also, and the tall and soft was pretty close to that. If you don't get the tall with the soft foam the seat depth isn't great enough in my opinion.

GUTS: 530-642-9118

foam:$55 (tall and soft)

seat cover:$66 plus shipping and tax.

Oh yeah, about the stapling... Home Depot has electric powered staplers for about $20 that punch through just about anywhere on the pan - and you can probably find other uses for it.

I bought the stock hieght soft foam 3 years ago to go with a YZ seat base. I have been very happy with it, I just can't remember were I bought it. At that time I could not find a complete YZ style seat with soft foam. I bought the base, foam, and cover from seperate places.

Don't you just hate the monkey butt! I never got it years ago when I rode. My cure has been to go to extra padding on the rear. I wear an extra thick pair of shorts.

Had the same problem with my 400.

Had all the usual recommendations, Stand up more, get fitter etc etc.

Being 45 and only riding occasionally didn't help.

I peeled the seat cover off, and drilled the rear part of the foam full of 1/2" holes, about an 1 1/2" apart. Stapled the cover back on, and haven't had monkey butt since.

It doesn't look any different, but now I can ride all day without having to sit side saddle.



Kiwi Vet

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