SouthWest Vet Championship at SpeedWorld

The beast has been conquered as the last three weekends I am batting a 1000 in the AZOT Master B class.

First O/A at SpeedWorld twice and first at Canyon Raceway last weekend. :)

Also ran a BigBike Open class, (anyone can run Pro, Expert, Int, Nov etc.) at Canyon and was 2nd O/A. That one was crazy as I had to deal with some insane 125 pilots who like to hold it WFO in the corners. It was kinda funny as they were banging on me screaming the crap outa their tiddlers and they would go wide on the banks trying to maintain momentum only to find a big ol 426 in there way on the exit. LOL After I showered them with roost, never heard from them again!! Looked at my bike afterwards and I had knobby marks on my silencer!! ??

Yesterday had a duel of death with my bud Doug Goodman and we traded paint more then once. They built-up the ramps on some jumps and this resulted in major AIRTIME!! Outa Gravity Cravity, Doug and I were side by side about 30 ft in the air, I could have reached out and grabbed him, we were that close the whole moto.

Won the 1st moto and he got me in moto two for the O/A in the S/W Vet Championship 40 Int class. Was going for a pass with a half lap to go and downshifted one too many and the bike got a bit sideways. Noticed later on I had a rear flat, not sure if it was low during the moto or what. I must confess to letting some air out on the starting line for extra traction and it looks like it cost me! “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it damnit!!”

For the 2nd time in three weeks, beat someone I have never been able to hang with (Mike Halpin, ex-pro), so all I can say is it must be the bike!

The track was perfect and Craig Davis picked up the majority of the $4000.00 Pro Purse.

Kinda bummed that I will be missing Canyon this weekend but I will be at Bikeweek and the Boyz are telling me to bring out my gearbag!! Yahoo!!!!




You 426F boys would have been proud of G-Man this weekend. He and his bud put on a hell of a show in the first moto. They were dicing lap after lap with G-Man leading for the first half of the race, then his bud passed him. They battle some more and G-Man got by him, back and forth and he's right - Major Airtime!!! G-Man held on for the W - what a great race to watch. Oh yeah, what happened to the the rest of the guys in that moto???

FYI, I took both holeshots in the AZOT amateur class on the new 250F (by 4 bike lengths into turn one according to the video my son took). Finished 3-2 for 2nd O/A. G-Man inspired me to press hard late in the second moto and I passed the leader 2 twice but he was going for a tricky step up and I wasn't, that's where he got me. In the end the winner beat me by a wheel to the finish line. Back to working up the old arm strength I guess!!!

Nice ride G!

Congratulations G-man! I'd like to practice with you.... :)

I saw Craig Davis race in Lake Whitney last October. He's was on fire on that KTM 520!

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

what a great race to watch.

Thanks Paul, it was fun dicing with Doug, I was screaming at him a few times too, he said it takes too much outa him to yell back!


Finished 3-2 for 2nd O/A.

Good job on the ride, for someone who took an "extended vacation" from bikes your doing great!

One of these weekends when we are not racing, we can go to the track, strap on a camelback and do an extended 45-60 min. moto.

Best way to get in shape!

I guess Greg on the Kaw bailed hard in one of his motos and got banged up but rode his last one. He should know better then to ride those Green Thangs!



Thanks Boit,

yea it would be cool to ride with other people on the board.

Okay everyone in the frozen tundra, cmon out to sunny AZ before the triple digits hit!




G, I'm hoping you will come out to SoCal to moto with the ROTMX. I race Master B also, and would like to see if I can keep up on my 250F.

Hey Scott yea it would be cool to dice together on the track. AZ is hosting an International OT race 4-15 I believe, you should try to make that.

I will be racing at the Glen Helen Nat Am day in May, 40 Int if you would like to exchange roosts then! :)

Check out this website for a Spodefest, I attended the first one in Atlanta about 4yrs ago and have attended two in AZ. They are all over the country, it's really cool to ride with people that you have never met before.



G-man, I paid you back last Sunday for the "blocking" you accused me of when we first met. Tim got stuck in the gate in moto 2 and was railing that same turn when I moved over to try and pass the 4 riders in front of me. We locked bars and he went cartwheeling off the track. He bent his bike up pretty good but thankfully wasn't hurt.

Not sure that Tim can even hang with you and Doug now, you boys are haulin'!

One problem with that open ProMeg muffler(?) is that I can't hear any other bikes near me.

Paul, good job, we still have to introduce ourselves, what # are you? I am on the #5 426

Obviously, I didn't have a good OTMX finish but I did manage to bring home 3rd place Vet Jr trophy. I've got to get in better shape to win.

I am also gonna demand that we do not race first moto anymore because I don't want to race a freshly watered track for moto 2!

Looks like we may get rained out again this weekend, 4 Stroke Natl's at Canyon, I wonder if Zack will reschedule or cancel?


Keep an eye on that Scott-F guy. He is pretty modest until you get on the track. Scott rides that 250F pretty good. He can put you to sleep with his smooth style and then when you wake up he is long gone!!

Scott...see you at L.A.C.R. this weekend??? I need to check my speed against you on my new 426!! Probably be just like usual, blast you on the start and then watch you pass me when my fat and outta shape ass gets tired!!!

See you there, yzernie

F-Pilot, thanks for the cudo's - my number is 36 (yellow backgrounds). Sounds like you had a pretty good day overall too...

I sent Barry a note on the mud BS! I almost crashed twice in the 2nd moto due to the wet track. Mud was OK in my teens, it sucks big time in my 40's!!! I told Barry AZOTMX should run moto 3-4 at the earliest. He plans to address this MAJOR issue.

I'm taking this weekends race off, plan to ride practice at Speedworld instead (weather permitting). I've got to work on my stamina, and that tricky up hill step up going away from the grandstands along with the lipped tabletop just before the step up - I'm loosing races because of this section.

G-Man is my mentor and has given me some good tips on approaching the step ups. He set up my suspension and it's working great, just need to work on my timing through this section and I think I'll get it with some relaxed practice.

yzernie, better not count G-Man out just yet. Sounds like Scott-F can run with the big dogs on his 250F, but there is no replacement for G-Man's displacement on a fast outdoor track - this guy has the speed ,the endurance, and the ability to put the 426 where-ever he wants it whenever he wants it there! It must be a SoCal thing, my conservative midwest MX background keeps me more in-check than these WFO SoCAl'ers.


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