Help with Sunline v1/ASV flex levers !

2006 WR450...I have had to replace the clutch lever twice and I really want the Sunline flex lever. Here is the problem. ALL of the local dealers have them but no part number for an 06. The reference book (TuckerRocky) only says available for 2000-2002. I even put a call into Sunline (OneIndustries) today and they don't have a part number for an 06 either. They are supposed to get back with me today.

I've read numerous posts about the switch on the clutch perch that allows us to start the bike with the clutch in and that seems to be the issue with aftermarket clutch levers. Personally, I prefer to keep the stock perch and switch on the bike or at least keep the switch. On top of that, the hot start would appear to be hit in the event the Flex clutch lever bent up during a crash/tip over/ejection.

I'm a bit frustrated at this point so anyone with a Flex lever or experience with this please chime in.

I have an 07 but I believe the issue is the same. The neutral switch is pointless, if you bought a YZ you wouldn't have it, no motocross bikes have them and only a handful of Japanese trail bikes do.

Unplug the white neutral switch plug from the wiring loom (behind the headlight) and then cut the 2 wires a couple inches above the switch. Solder these 2 wires together to complete the circuit and plug the white neutral switch plug back in behind the headlight. Now the bike "thinks" you always have the clutch in and allows you to start it.

Order an OEM 2007 YZ450 clutch perch (I actually used a 2007 YZ250 2 stroke perch that I already had, probably the same part # as the 450?). On my 07 WR I was able to reuse the back clamp, 2 bolts, and hot start mounting. I only needed the purch. Order the Sunline V1 lever for an 07 YZ450 and install.

Oh and make sure you either have the clutch in or you're in neutral before you start the bike :p

projected: Thank you for the reply and information.

Sunline got back with me and said they don't make a lever for the WR. They also suggested bypassing the switch and putting a YZ lever/perch on there if I really wanted to. I don't so I am not going to.

At this point I am going to keep the switch on the clutch perch since I have a 10 year old who gets on the bike sometimes. I don't want an accident to happen if he and his little brother, who is 2, happen to be around the bike when I'm not. His mother would kill me if the WR fell over on the little one. My 10 year old knows better but...he's still only 10, not the most responsible kid

So, I am going to get some barkbusters/shields to help save the levers and keep the branches/weeds/mud/dirt off my hands. Never thought about running them but after reading ALOT of posts on here about them, I am going to try that route.

Good barkbusters will save levers in many more scenarios than the folding levers will, plus they protect your hands from trees and bushes. Much better and cheaper route IMO.

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