Unsuspecting Racer

On the weekend I raced at a meeting were you had too leave your bike in the pit area just bikes nothing else,seems simple.

When I went too start my bike "cold" just before practice (not allowed to start early) it wouldn't start! I tried it a few times but nothing! if you've ever had the wet plug syndrome you know what I mean. So I took the tank off etc gave the engine a few kicks with the plug out put a new plug in and it started but I had missed my practice. (had to sneek out in another division)

I was then told that a few guys were looking at my bike and I came up with the idea that they could of twisted the throttle to flood it on purpose?

So I think that you guys should keep this in mind and if you have to leave yor bike for a while make sure that someone is watching it for you.

Does anybody drain the fuel from the carb after every ride? If you did this it would stop people from being able to do this when cold. (once started seems a little harder to flood?)

I believe what you are saying about someone messing with your bike, ON PURPOSE. Years ago when I was racing off road my friend and I impounded our bikes(KTM's) for a race, durning the race my bike was acting terrible, it was hard to control, at a check point I checked it out someone had turned my clickers full in (forks & shocks) after the race I was bitching to my friend and he told me the same story, that they did the same to his bike.

I was about to say that I can't believe someone would do something so crappy...but nothing surprises me anymore about how low people will stoop.

Here's what I have found that works for me....I have gotten into the habit of shutting off the petcock valve when I don't plan on starting the engine anytime soon and then run the engine with the petcock closed for about a minute...usually in first gear slowly. I try to run it until the the throttle response starts going away and then I know the float bowl level is very low. I shut off the engine at that time. My 426 has never fouled a plug nor has failed to start easily...even in freezing temperatures.

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