good price for 09 450?

hey guys i found a leftover 09 450. they are asking 5899 for it was wondering if thats a pretty good deal or not. i'm in the soutwestern part of pa, not in cali so take that into

OTD with tax, license, freight and set up. I would say is a good deal. They were selling 08 leftovers for around 5800 OTD in 09.

In Nevada, best I found was $7100+plus all other charges/taxes. In Cali, I found $6800+Taxes, and in Utah, I found $6700 OTD. I snatch it!!!

I picked mine up for 6,000 OTD Tax, licence, all fees. That was in april here in UT.

Sound pretty close to me. Go for it. :p

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