AAHH!! front tire

I screwed up when I ordered a front tire for my "L". I ordered an 80-90-21 front tire "Pirelli M21", oh well it's here so now I'm stuck, I am taking the bikes on vacation with me to Montana so I have to use it. Anyway, I've pinched two tubes installing it. Can anyone give me some tips!!!?? Man I should buy some stock in tube manufacturers!

HELP!! :)

First tip, don't use the stock tubes. They are much too thin. Buy some Bridgestone heavy duty tubes. As for pinching them, I usually put a little air in there first and then be real careful. Soap usually makes the tire slip on alittle easier also. Before changing the tire, leave it in the sun about an hour before changing, it will get alittle softer and hence easier to install. These tips are even better when having to wrestle a nasty rear tire.

Second tip, do not hurry or rush the process. This undoubtedly will cause a pinch.

Good luck, hope it works for you.

Thanks guys, that's my problem, I'm not lubing the crap out of it when I put the last bead on. Next time...


When using your tire irons, try not to pry them up any further than straight up. After the tire is on, hold the wheel upright and look down into the beed area all the way around each side, to make sure the tube isn't pinched in the bead, BEFORE putting in air to seat the tire bead on the rim. Also, one other tip. To make it easier inserting the rim locks and valve stem, grab the bead on one side of the tire with the tire iron and clip it behind the disk or sprocket. Slip two small blocks of wood between the tire and rim on the other side, one on each side of the rim lock/valve stem location. This way your hands fit into the tire to insert the rim lock/valve. BOL


MT21's . I put a set on my first "L".Never Again!.The tires work o.k. but what if you get a flat? I could'nt imagine trying to fix a flat on the trail with 10" tire irons with the "stoopid"(ha)Pirelli's.Good Luck Chuck. :)

try coating the inner tire and inner tube with baby talcum powder. this helps the inner tube slide within the tire!!!

If it is any consolation the rear MT21 is not all that bad and wears forever and I haven't had a flat on one (they are pretty stiff and beffy in the carcas dept.). The front just plain sucks and pushes bad. Buy a Maxis IT front for $35 and a new tube before you break yourself or the bike.

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