Gas not flowing correctly?

Hey guys, its been a while since i have been on tt. I am going through little stuff on my bike and just put on a new blue fuel line and filter. I noticed that when i turn the petcock on to an empty carb, the fuel flows fast and in a large quantity. The fuel stream then shuts off when the float stops it, but when i look at the line and the filter after it stops flowing, the line is only about half full of fuel. Anotherwords the fuel line is full from carb nipple to the middle of the filter and there is no gas in the line above the filter. I have never noticed this before. is it normal? i have tried taking off the gas cap and it does not change the situation. I know that when the float shuts off it stops the vacuum to the petcock, but wouldn't the line still at least fill to the tank. Thanks everyone and sorry for the long post.:p


I guess this means you've never used a clear fuel line before?

haha, yeah it does. Just wanted to make sure it was normal. Thank you gray.

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