WR450 Tall Seat

I am looking to upgrade my stock monkey butt seat to a more cushy seat for the long dual sport rides.

Has anyone found a company that makes a "WR450" complete tall seat yet?

Any other seat suggestions would be great.



I think i read somewhere, that sdg was going to make complete seats for the wr's. you might want to look them up. when i was 8 yrs. old in 1968, my folks bought me a new schwinn sting ray cotton picker, it was white, with a lil' front wheel, springer front end, and shocks in the back. i wish i had that bike now, their worth some serious $$$$$$ :)

I bought foam and a cover from Guts.Fits real good and taller and softer. Bit pricy, a hundred dollars plus change. Tim

Called SDG today. They may make a seat later. Not enough business to tool up for the WR's. They do have a tall YZ seat, but you must get the YZ Clarke tank, and I assume YZ shrouds. $$$$$$$$$$

I grew up with a nieghbor who owned a sporting good and bicycle store. We use to ride those stingrays into the ground. Put a small briggs and stratton motor in one once. The frame cracked apart is short order.

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