Terrible day in San Diegol!!

Well, I'm sure you all have heard about the school shootings that happened in Santee this morning. I woke up to a phone call from my mom who lives down the street from the school that this terrible event took place. They have many friends who are parents of students that attend that school. We (our family) do not know any of the victims personally, but Santee is a small enough place that everyone feels somewhat victimized. Very tragic and a lot depressing too!

I left my apartment (I live in a different part of San Diego - Ocean Beach) to go visit my parents and family friends. On my way out to my truck I realized something was very wrong. I too, had become a victim on this day. Where my beautiful '99 YZ400F had been last night, there was only a stand and the lock that had secured the bike to a pole in my carport. The lock was a very heavy-duty Kryptonite lock that was made to lock up motorcycles. Someone managed to cut the lock and now have themselves a new motorcycle. <Sigh> I knew the probability of this happening was very good, living in the heart of the city, but was just holding out until my lease expired and I could get a place with a garage. Thankfully, I do have insurance on my bike and they will pay off my loan.

It's such a weird feeling when something is taken from you. Your trust in people ebbs away and it makes you feel more than a little paranoid. I ask the question, "Can a person not live their life or own something nice, that they work hard for, without some dirtbag coming along and taking it all from them?", a thousand times today!

Anyways, I'm sorry for babbling, I just needed to get it off my chest. And hey, on the positive side of things, I was kind of looking for a reason to buy a 2001 426 anyways! I'll see you guys out riding again real soon!


Dale, Although the two do not compare in severity, I none the less am sorry to hear about both incidents. Not that it makes either one any less deserving of concern, at least you can be thankful that no one close to you was personally involved and your missing bike will be replaced by bigger and better. The bad part is that nothing can erase the crime comitted against you or those victimized at the school. The memory will never go away. Hope you're back to riding soon.


Sorry to hear about your day. Just goes to show that there are more things in life to worry about than which oil to switch to or what tires to try next..... I hope the boneheads that took your bike wrap it around a tree the first day you get your new bike. I too am glad nobody close to you was hurt at the school incedent.

Take care



Sorry to hear the bad news.

I think it is really disappointing to think that we can't send our kids to school without some doubt that the worst could happen.

It's also sad that we can't take full reward of our hard work without someone cheaply taking it away from us.

I guess both cases go to prove that anything can be taken away from us in a moments notice. Our lives and our goods.

Protect and appreciate both while you have them.

On a different note, tonight when you go to bed, just think about those poor bastards trying to start the thing.

Hang in there Dale!


I hope the SOB thief can't start the bike. Maybe he'll try to impress his girlfriend and brake his leg when he tries to kick it through....(assuming he HAS a girlfriend)

As far as the Santee shooting...when will this madness stop?!?!

I have been in law enforcement for 22+ years and just when I think I have seen everything over the course of my career...I really have not. I cannot imagine, even for a second, the mindless logic of taking another human life without just cause. Over the years, I have experienced many tragic incidents and simply wonder why society does not wish to hold people accountable for their actions.

I am also frustrated with the fact that the press chooses to highlight the seedy element of society and they are resistant to recognize the good citizens of our cities or towns. During my career I have met far more decent citizens than I can possibly remember.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased and injured.


Hey man, that sucks to hear about your bike. Talk about timing with the

city being down and all. I'm up in Ramona and tonight in town you could

just tell there was something different which is amazing considering how

large SD is. I'm going to work a little earlier so that I can stop by a

drop off a cross and look at the memorial in front of Sanatana.

I'm sure you remember me, I'm the one on 15 south in the Jeep with the

Hurricane Kit on my YZ. I was going to send you an email and see if you

wanted to go riding this weekend but I doubt that'll happen now. At least

you had insurance. I have a question for you. I know how easy it is to

disguise a bike and swap parts out but, is there anything on your bike that

may make it stand out? I go to the desert and tracks around here almost

every weekend and I just have this disease of looking at other peoples bikes

closely. It's amazing how often you see the same bikes around this town.

I'm already always looking for the guy that bought my friends bike 2 months

ago and then maybe shot and stabbed him. I could add your bike to my memory

and keep an eye out. If I ever did somehow spot it I would just try and get

a license plate number or something. I'm not that much of a hero! Anyways

just to show you how much I notice bikes I remember you didn't have a

sticker kit on it, your rear tire was flat, and it was loaded on the

passenger side of a dark colored toyota with a KX on the drivers side.

Well, once again, I'm sorry to hear about your bike getting stolen. Let me

know when you get another one and we'll go ride sometime. I definately want

to take you up on riding in Temecula sometime.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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