Why would this happen?

Well last night I finally did all the free mods except cutting the grey wire. I was shocked to actually look into the throat of the carb. and see that the bike IS ONLY GETTING HALF-THROTTLE. I thought everybody was just exagerating....they weren't. I ended up cutting about 11-12 mm off of the throttle stop..seemed to do the trick just perfectly as now when I twist the throttle, the butterfly disappears from sight. :D I pulled the airbox snorkel thingy out and also while I was at it I adjusted the preload on my rear spring....seems to be much better/stiffer as I go about 245 lbs. :D I dont know about how some of you guys did this but I went ahead and unbolted the subframe because I didn't see how I was gonna get to the carb without doing that. It seemed to help and everything went back together nicely.

Heres where the problem came in....

As I started the bike last night, which seemed to start fine, I let it idle for about 1-2 minutes and looked down to find that my header was GLOWING RED!!! Needless to say this scared the $h1t outta me so I immediately shut the bike off. What perplexes me is that yes the bike should run leaner without the airbox thing, but not really at an idle I wouldn't think. Also I don't see that cutting the throttle stop would even matter when the bike is idling. :) I checked the rubber boots on both ends of the carb. for a huge air leak and they were both sealed tight. Surely these two mods can't make such a difference at idle that the header would glow. Someone please give me some input????

Also I called to order the GYT-R muffler insert and the dealer here said $61.99 :D and I know alot of you said you got yours for $40.00. Where can I get one for that price online? Also I'm waiting till I get the insert then I'm gonna re-jet. Any body with only these mods if you could tell me what jets worked well for you so I have a baseline....Thanks fellas? Chuck

Don't worry. It is normal for the header to glow like that. Mine has done it since the day I brought it home before doing anything to it. It still does it to this day. It is just more noticable at night.

Don't worry. The red glowing head pipe has been discussed many, many times, it's normal you just don't see it during the day. There is nothing wrong with your bike. Your bike will be tons more fun now that it's opened up.

I'd look at the PMB insert. I bought the GYRT one and I think if I did it again, I'd buy the other one. Same price. If you are dead set on the GYRT, I'll sell you mine.

How much do you want for your insert? I'm really not sold on the GYT-R, where can I get the other one online? What do you like better about the PMB? If you wanna get rid rid of yours, I'll take it....how much you want? Thanks V-Max

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