WR 426 engine noise

Just bought a YZF 426 for the engine since my WR 400 engine detonated. Had the stator changed from my WR 400 engine, still using my WR 400 CDI is this ok? Also the 426 engine was rebuit 2 rides before i got it been in my WR for about 2hr of road use but now i have a slight tapping coming from around the barrel area is this normal at operating temperature or is there a problem arising

Check the valve clearance, If one is a little loose it will make a tapping sound. U might also reset the cam chain tensioner to make sure it has the proper tension on the cam chain.

ok cool but how do i reset the tension,

remove tensioner cap, get a thin screwdriver into the hole, screw it clockwise a bit and release. dont turn it backwards with your screwdriver, it's spring loaded.

But anyway, I doubt cam chain tension is the reason, my bet is on valve clearance.

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