01 yz issues


i think i have a good general knowledge of how a motorcycle feels and operates. you can call me a "biased 125 rider" all you like. if i come across as so called bias, its just that i am reducing my chances of potential injury by staying on a bike (125) that i am more familiar with in mx and supercross types of riding. as if this sport isnt dangerous enough, why increase the odds by jumping on the band wagon and chasing all this new found 4-stroke hype. if i was just trail riding or just cruising where the terrain or track was not too difficult i wouldnt have a complaint about the 426. but on mx and sx tracks were there is little room for rider error, i refuse to take those chances. i have a mortgage,responsibilities, a wife and a new daughter. as for the 4-stroke hype, all you 4 stroke lovers who are heavily into mx, get ready to spend. the marketing lure will be "weight reduction."

each year or so, they will slowly become lighter and lighter incorporating in them more of a 2 stroke feel with less and less decompression braking. my guess, and its only a guess is that in 5 years, 4 stokes will be pretty darn good for a rider like me because of all its new refinements. maybe i will give it another shot then. hey SNF dont get in the way of those little weed wacker engines buzzing by you in full tilt. see you at e-town...lol...

You're right about reducing chances for injury, what's most comfortable is most likely the safest. I can't even contemplate trying to jump something with such a peaky hp curve when I'm not comfortable with it. Every time I get on a 125 I keep falling out of the powerband. No good for me. The four stroke has helped me ride faster and jump farther. That's good for me. You made the right choice for you, but your evaluation of the 426 is subject to question. If you were saying it's the Ultimate MX'er as quoted from Dirt Bike I'd still say you have no basis for comment. I rode your 125 half a dozen times you don't see me telling the masses what I think, I'm not qualified. What I do know is it ain't what you got it's how you ride it. I'm not qualified, you're not qualified, this whole things not qualified. You want the 426, you can't handle the 426. WD-40, Water Displacment 40, developed by the military to displace water, 40? I don't know what the 40 is. Less cheese extra gravy.. :)

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CC says we're worse than a couple of old hens... I told her we were just doing some ribbing and having fun. Old Hens.... could she be right.... Na... women are never right.... :):D:D

I was very entertained reading these posts. I know one things for sure, I'm faster on my 01 426 than anything else I've ever ridden. I could never ride a 125 though; I'm too much of a fat ass weighing in at 225! Keep the barbs coming - fun to read!

snf, you're right. we're not qualified.

and i couldnt tell you who is either in the off road world. anyone who slings a leg over one of these off road machines and proceeds to try to go as fast as he can on straights, whoops and takes to the air like superman over crater size jumps or the cross country desert racer who hangs it out at 100mph+ desperately still trying to get from point a to b as fast as he can, or the woods guy who tries to blaze a trail as fast as he can through a thickly wooded forest with the grace of a 10 point buck, hoping not to encounter any of the stationary landscape.

i'd day within that we are all certifiably insane to the avg. person or so called non rider, therefore concluding that we as off road riders have no qualification, certification or credibility to make any sound judgements or decisions regarding anything beyond knowing the fact that a bowling ball has no sharp edges. i get that from my wife a lot. she's a non rider, or i should say, not a keeper of the faith.

anyway, crazy as we all are, these are great times we're living in. look at all the types of dirt bikes and types of off roading available to us right now. so in closing, who cares about 2 stroke, 4 stroke, whatever. we're all off road motorcyle enthusiasts and that puts us in an elite, and very misunderstood culture as viewed by society's standards. i like that.

to CC, maybe we are a bunch of broads but there is nothing else to do until this snow breaks. this post got way off the subject. its all vs's fault.

less cheese extra gravy? sounds like a pizza... count me in.

I havent had any problems with my 01 426. Got about 100 hours on it now and its working fine. Hub is ok, no hiccup, starts up easy, suspension is fine, and rips my buddies rm250. All that and I ride like a mental patient. I'll be riding this Sunday if anyone in the S jersey area wants to go.


Pretty funny thread. Hick was right....not meant to be disrespectful...just having a litle lighthearted fun... :)

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