Need feedback on 5.8 race tech spring and Pro taper Pastrana bars

Guys, I have a chance to get a fairly new racetech 5.8 spring and Pro taper Pastrana bars.

I am big, 6'01" 245 lbs.. I ride trails, no MX tracks, no big jumping. Do you think the 5.8 spring will be good for me. I do not want to make my ride harsh. Even with my weight, I do not feel that by bike bottoms very much now with the stock spring. I plan to leave the forks stock. Do you think that will cause a mismatch?

Regarding the bars, I currently have renthals (no sure which ones, they came on the bike, silver with blue ends, very sharp looking), but, I wouldn't mind taller ones for more comfortable standing. Is the Pastrana bend a high bar? I guess I will need a new triple clamp. Are the protapers that much better than Renthals? I am wondering if it is worth it. The guy wants $30 for the spring and $50 for the bars and I still need to buy the triple clamp. Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)

what pastrana bend? the freestyle bend is way tall with alot of up sweep the mx bend is alrirght for a tall guy if you only ride mx.

I don't know about the bars, but get the spring!! I am 6'3" and 240 lbs and I recently installed racetech .48 front springs and a 5.8 rear. It is the best mod I have done. My total ride improved, because my springs are preloaded right and the valves have to work less. The bike feels more balanced and handles better than ever. I ride alot of trails and MX seems to work great for both. :)

Get the springs. I run .47 front & 5.8 rear. My ride was much harsher with the stock spring since I had the preload cranked to get my sag where I wanted it. I hated to wait a month for my springs as they were not available when I first got the bike. The ride is smoother and I could use the stock dampening range to cover my riding style with stiffer springs. :)

The Renthal bars that are silver with Blue ends could be the Jimmy Button bend. The JB bend is among the tallest bars available. I loved mine when I had them. :)

I am 210lbs and currently use a 5.8kg spring. I am border line on needing the 6.0kg spring and really think that is not enough spring for you. You can get the race sag set all day long and you will notice a big improvement over the stock spring but there is no way to get the static sag you need with that spring. Sacrificing static sag to achieve race sag creates a whole new set of problems.

If the deal is good it would be worth the try but you would be happier with the right spring. As for the bars I ran the freestyle bend for years and loved them. They are about the same bend as cr hi's only about a inch taller.

Good luck with your choice.

Thanks guys, I think I will buy the 5.8 spring and try it with the stock front fork springs. I think I am going to pass on the bars. I do not feel like buying another triple clamp. :)

I run .49 front & 5.8 rear. I weigh 240lb. The front springs are more critical than the rear IMO, especially if you MX.

Is it easy to change the front fork springs yourself? or do you have to take it to a shop? I am very mechanically inclined, I just never messed with forks before. I am sure the manual shows a detailed exploded view.

Yes very easy. All you need is a 17 & 19 mm, Do it! While your at it check the oil height. With the springs out compress the forks and measure the height. That way you will know where your at when you start fine tuning the forks with the new springs. Here is where I'm at with my setup and I ride MX all the time.

Forks: .49 kg for 240 lb Oil level = 3.15" Rebound= 8 clicks out, Compression 13 clicks out. This is pretty stiff but the way I like it.

Shock: 5.8 kg for 240lb. Set spring 10.375" preload. (Do not exceed .6" preload!)Rebound = 7 clicks out, High compression 1-1/8 turns out, Low compression 6 clicks out.


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