03 slip-on silencer fit a 02 ??

I found a 03-05 Yamaha slip on silencer for cheap and wondering if it will fit my 02 WR426. I already have a aluminum Yamaha sub-frame off a newer YZ model I bought on E-bay and it fit right on, I just had to adapt a bracket for overflow bottle no biggie. I still have a stock GYTR head pipe on it. My carbon fiber GYTR silencer has about had so I need something soon/cheap.

This pipe diameter is your only unknown.... the mounting points will be the same and it will bolt right on. I would be more concerned about the diameter of the mid-pipe and the diameter of the header being compatible.

I don't know which years WR and YZ's had the same diameter exhaust and whether or not the GYTR header you have was a performance upgrade or just a new header... (a GYTR header and carbon fiber can is not stock on a WR426)

Good Luck.

I meant it is a stock replacement header pipe(your right) but is stock diameter, it fits my factory slip on also. A while back I had a TI header and it was huge so I had to make a new section on to fit it, but that`s all gone now and back to stock sizes. So if mounting points are the same that should make it easy enough even if a little modifying at connection needs to be done. I noticed in the application books that 02 03 are different #s but they look the same to me.Thanks for your input

I fit a stock can from an 04' 450 onto my 99' 400 with no modification whatsoever...

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