Alternative engine for a WR 400??

Can anyone tell me what engine might slot into a 1999 Wr 400 frame apart from a 400/426?? Any 2 stroke slot in?

Any info would be very appreciated :p

References or links would be great


Pretty sure a small block chevy drops right in.

Pretty sure a small block chevy drops right in.

missed the part where he did not want a 400...426... so yeah sbc...

really, if i was gonna do a swap it would be a big bore 2 smoke.. maybe and air cooled wr 500 motor....

better be a good welder (which i am not)

Oh god... those 500cc two smokers are like straddling kegs of dynamite and lighting up 8 cigarattes. Lord knows when that sh-t will go off, and when it does you're in for one hell of a ride!

I love my wr500. The motor runs awesome. :p

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