Tim Ferry

I attended the S/X in New Orleans saturday night and kept my eye on Ferry. He looked good in a semi until he got off line over a tricky triple and landed on a tuff box and took an almost disastrous spill. What saved him was an inflatable advertising thing*Thor, I think).....it broke his fall. He won the LCQ. He was lapped by Carmichael in the main. Dang! Carmichael lapped Lamson as well. I'm not sure, but Carmichael may have lapped up to about 7th. Windham was 2nd and McGrath fell in the corner that shoots the riders across the starting line straight and Larocket got by. One of the best races was in the 125's. Pastrana and Ramsey, on the 250F, battled for a few laps until Pastrana stuck his pass and then distanced himself gradually. Ramsey took some chances and made up time but his chances took their toll in mistakes and he dropped back for 2nd.

Some of the best racing were the pre-pre-qualifyers early in the afternoon. These are the true privateers who tried to pre-qualify for the chance to qualify later in the evening. Michael Campbell tried to qualify in both 125 and 250 with a YZ 125 and a YZ426. He crashed in both of those qualifyers but later qualified in both classes. He was eliminated in the first 125 heat and didn't show up in the 250's. Dang!

Yep. This SX season is getting interesting. Carmichael has been unbelievable, he's won 5 races in a row and where has McGrath been? McGrath better get going if hes going to have any chance at another championship. Carmichael has a 16 point lead now over McGrath.

I'd hate to see the #1 plate on a green bike instead of a blue one :)


Livin the life in Port Huron, MI. I'm 15 with a 426!

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

I will never forget watching Henry win in Vegas. It was the best SX ever. Was anyone else there that night?

The Vegas win by Henry was great. Until that race, I have never been to a professional event where the crowd never sat down. It was a highly anticipated race and all of the honchos from Yamaha were in attendance. The crowd was watching history unfold before us.

As a long time Yamaha rider (I should have bought stock years ago so I could get some of my $$$ back!!), I was in awe as I watched Doug flow around the track. He was able to do the finish line jump from the inside line and nobody else could. He did get ragged a couple of times as he blasted through the whoops.

The best thing (at least for me) was that Yamaha had forced the hand of the other manufacturers. If you think they are crying now because of the 250F...just wait until they release the 125cc fourstroke which will compete in the 80cc class. I cannot wait to see Roger Decoster with tears in his eyes!!!!


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