2007 YZ450F Sag Settings Advice

I have been looking through the forums for advice on setting up my 07 YZ450F suspension. It seems that riders commonly run the forks 5mm with 95mm of sag. I have tried these settings but ended up with serious head shake.

My current sag is 105mm and the forks are even with the top of the clamp. These settings seem "OK", I don't receive much head shake, and corners are tolerable but not great.

My question is, why am I having such a hard time dialing this suspension in? Are 07 YZ450's tough to tune? My previous bikes were 100mm sag, a couple clicker tweeks, and RACE!

Also, I am 165 lbs and ride 35+/450C and (to my knowledge) the suspension is stock.

I also had headshake before getting things tweaked. I run 96mm sag, forks up 5mm and MXA settings on the shock. For the forks I started with stock settings. What got rid of the headshake for me was taking 2 clicks out of the comp and 3 clicks from the rebound. That change made all the difference and I am 20 lbs heavier than you are. The 07 forks are on the stiff side, at least for an old guy like me. The bike now is a good compromise of stability and pretty good turning. This bike is very sensitive to setup. I also have MX51 tires front and rear. Front is ok, rear works great.

Thanks for the advice. I am going to give this a try tomorrow. Do you happen to have a link to the MXA shock settings?

Make sure your stering stem bearing are adjusted right. if there loose you will get headshake.

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