WR450 oil recommendation


I am curious as to what oil is recommended for my WR450.



After doing a bunch of research I settled on Shell Rotella T. I used to use Bel-Ray in all my bikes but the price has gone up a lot in the last five years so a switch was in order. Even though the WR doesn't take much oil I use the Rotella T in all my toys to make things easier.

Rotella is just fine. I prefer synthetic.

You will hear oil arguments for days, usually based on extremely un-scientific statements like "I never had any problem with it," but I've never seen an oil related failure from any bike that changed the oil at reasonable intervals, using any type of oil. Modern oils are very good.

I was around a bike that used the supposedly evil energy-conserving oils, in this case 5-30, in his clutch side for years, and shockingly, it ran great with no clutch slippage. I don't specifically recommend it, just because you can easily buy the correct weight, but don't lose sleep over oil.

been very happy with amsoil mcf..

as leardriver said... pick a good oil from the rec's in the manual... change it often..

Rottella T Syn Here. Fair Price!

Jesus mary and joseph...Another oil thread. Rotella T 15W 40 here.

I use Shell Rotella T non-Syn 15W 40 in my WR426 and my Buell XB12S. Great oil. I change it every 600 miles in the WR and 1,500 miles in the Buell. Very good oil and good price. Just change at regular intervals.

Amsoil for me. Sunk mine in the river a little over a year ago, drained the oil and water as soon as I got back home, immediately filled with Rotella and got it hot (boiling over) twice, then went right back to Amsoil and have no issues what so ever.

I've got a mixed review regarding the Rotella T 15W40 non-synthetic for my WR400. I can feel the engine producing less power, and it likes to stall off the line more now.

There is the possibility my situation is related to the weight difference in oil, and the fact I am still riding in late October, and now November! The temperatures are getting down to 50 degrees or lower. My jetting is also of course potentially affected by this. Either way, I must say that a week later, with only minor power changes, the difference between castrol syntec and rotella was very apparant. Whether it's brand or oil weight is the new question.

Also, in regards to rotella Synthetic, I'm pretty sure that stuff isnt at all like the dino oil (non-syn) version, and it has additives and other factors that make it a bit too slippery for wet clutch environments. I'd of course love to see evidence stating otherwise, as Being able to go 5w40 may cure my cold winter low end power blues!

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