Plug drain

Regarding the drain hole in the head to allow water to drain from the spark plug well. Any others find their plug heavily rusted from water getting in thru that hole when power washing? Any harm in plugging that hole to prevent that? I ride in So Cal desert so wet riding conditions aren't an issue :smirk

How will you get the water and dirt out after you wash it? Spark plugs are meant to be disposable. I would only plug it while washing the bike.

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Keep that hole open and clear! The purpose of the hole is to allow water to migrate away from the spark plug.

If it is plugged, the water that inevitably gets under spark plug cap or coil will boil when up to temp, turn to steam and pop your cap off causing bike to stall and you to stand around scratching your head thinking what happened.


After I saw the rusted plug syndrome on mine, I started squirting WD40 in there after washing in order to disperse the water.

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