yz125 or yz425?

Forloop is right. I have both and they are very different. They each have a style of riding they like. Need more info in order to help you out.


Regardless of your riding style, at 200lbs, you may be just a little too heavy for a 125. If your contemplating a 426 or a 125, you should throw in a 250F into your considerations. To get a 125 to go, especially with someone who weighs 200 lbs, you really would have keep the baby wound out. That would make it really tough if you were gonna go trail riding. I've seen smaller guys than you ride 426's really well, but that is where your riding style comes into play as posted above.


99 YZ400

I used to ride nothing but 125's. Now I ride a 99' 400. Can't stand to ride my son's 125 anymore. I keep looking for the rag stuck in the intake :)

I'm 200 lbs. geared up. Which one is best?

To get a good response to your queston you will need to provide more info. What kind of riding to you want to do? What is your skill level? What types of bike have you ridden?



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

pw50 or cr500??

Originally posted by vvkh:

pw50 or cr500??

vvkh,,,,,, No question about it go blue

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