no toil air filter, need opinions

Just wondering if any one out there is using the no toil air filter and the filter oil? and do you prefer it to other brands? I have always used uni filters because you can take the two foam layers apart. But my dealer up here ordered me the no toil filter instead, so i'm just looking for some opinions thanks


I like uni oil and cleaner with the twin-air filter. :)

Funny, I just got mine today. The shop swears by it and I was impressed by the ease of use. The Bio-oil is also impressive. The big question is ' will the bike still breath?'

We will know this weekend, I swear by it or swear at it :)

Just beware of the fact that the No-Toil oil has solvents that eat the glue of Uni filters. Twin Air filters work ok.

Ride fast - Take chances


I run Twin Air air filters with the No-Toil oil. I really like it because it's not such a hassle to clean your filters. I clean mine in the kitchen sink with the No-Toil cleaner and don't have to worry about my wife complaining about the solvent smell that traditional filter cleaners have.

No-Toil says that some filters may come apart because of the alcahol in their oil. But they say if you have one do that to send it to them and they will send you one of theirs for free.


GYT-R filters are great!!!!

There's dust on my slide when I used no-toil. Stays clean with uni and uni oil. I nolonger trust no-toil. Just my 2c

I don't mind the no-toil filter, it seems quality enough but I don't like their oil. I use Maxima foam filter oil on all my filters and love it. IMO, you can use any of the high quality filters (including no-toil) and get good protection as long as you use a quality oil (Maxima for me).


I have used the Maxima oil as well and it's super tacky stuff - like soaking your filter in corn syrup. Unfortunately you have to use solvent to clean it effectively and I'm trying to get away from that.

I am trying No Toil oil right now and I'll be checking to see how it did on my bike in a week or so. It seemed to do a good job on my son's TTR-90 (he rides behind me so his gets dirty quick). No Toil is great for cleaning but nowhere near as tacky as the Maxima. Time will tell but I'm not sure that the oil needs to be *that* tacky to catch the dirt. :)

Anyone tried the new Twin Air bio-oil? If I were to switch filters, that's probably the one I'd go with as it's a little smaller and fits into the air box easier.

I used No-Toil for several years with my xr400 and liked it. The first time I used it in my wr450 I found a lot of dust got past the filter. :) I have switched to BelRay and a Twin Air filter(no-toil will ruin your filter for use with convensional filter oils). Personally, I don't find convensional oil any more difficult to use.

CAN YOU SAY GARBAGE!!! Switched back to Maxima SUPER M!!

Well... we shall see soon enough. For me, the "more difficult" part is properly storing and disposing of the solvent. It's kind of a pain to have to take this stuff to the local landfill's hazardous waste disposal area. And, it would be nice not to add to that load anyway. :)

But... if it doesn't work, I will switch back to Maxima.

Speaking of foam air filters,,, I use concrete cleaner out of a spray bottle to clean them with. It's cheap, water based, and unlike using gasoline, you won't get arested with a firearm.

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