loosing my mind---help

I don't know about if it is hard to kick right after it dies, but when this first started happening I kept kicking it to start it, it would die, I would kick it again, it die, after several times it seized up on me. As of right now, I can start it pretty easily but it just dies.

So I went in the garage to fire it up... Just fine first or second kick, ran for about 40 seconds and just dies, like something just stopped the gas. I made sure it was getting gas and it was, tried unscrewing the gas cap as well. Same thing.

I will be cleaning the carbs today.

As far as kickstarting it, I do notice sometimes its a little harder and sometimes its a easier. I get this from both extremes, either really hard to kick, or like there is no pressure when kicking it. It also has times (usually the 60% of the time) that it is normal to kick over.

Any ideas? I won't have the bike together for a few days, I am will be replacing the shims as two of my exhaust valves are not correct.


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