08 WR450, tell me if my cams are aligned correctly

I'm pretty certain they are, but will someone chime in and confirm my cams are positioned correctly. It's an 08WR450 with hotcams intake and exhaust. Looking from the front the dot on the exhaust is at the 9 o clock position, the intake is at the 3 oclock. Only thing that is throwing me off is I thought I remembered the two dots on top of each cam were perfectly at the top at 12 o clock and now they are not.

Also looking from the opposite side the intake lobe doesn't look exactly the same as the exhaust side but I didn't check before pulling the cams and was thinking the hotcams may be a little different.




they look good to me

Just ignore the top dot's...

I installed Hotcams into my WR as well, and the top dots were not at 12 o'clock high either.

I also remembered that the actual physical lobe location was a tiny bit off from stock as well. I believe this is normal though, and the hotcams have a small timing adjustment built into them. The actual hotcam's themselves between the YZ and WR 450 are identical, the only difference is in the decompression pin for the WR e-start vs the YZ, and as far as I know there is a timing difference between the YZ and WR stock, so I would expect that the hotcam's for the WR are timed more "YZ'ish"

I can confirm they certainly perform more YZ'ish....lol

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