Need help!!! This is driving me nuts!!!

The other day I installed the JD jetting kit in my WR450. While doing so I noticed that the inside of the slide chamber had some dirt in it. I later determined that it came in from the vent tubes. So after installing the kit per the instructions the bike ran good with noticable improvements through out the throttle range except that it developed a rough running condition when holding steady under 1\8th throttle. I PM'ed JD and he recomended dropping the needle to the 3rd position. So while doing so I took the carb completely off and cleaned it out real good. I took the slide out and the float bowl off and sprayed it out with some cleaner. Ever since then the idle has been very erratic. I have tried differant pilot and needle settings and it desn't seem to change. It either wants to idle really high or if you blip the throttle it will go down but then come back up after the the throttle is touched again. I have had the carb off several times and can't find anything that could be wrong. I have checked and rechecked for air leaks and can't find any. I am about ready to put my old jetting back in just to see what happens. But I think there is a problem somewhere since I took the carb apart. Because initially when I put JD's jetting in it ran fine except for the little bit of rough running right off idle.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


When I rejetted and changed needles the same thing happened to me. My problem was the slide was in backwards. It can go in either direction so make sure it is correct.

I remember seeing a post about the slide being in backwards. I have checked that and that is not the case here. I should also say that the bike absolutly rips everywhere in the throttle ranges. It just won't idle consistently.


I also had a problem similar. Technically the slide wasn't in backwards, but the little plate that fits on the slide was upside down. Maybe this is what is meant by having the slide in backwards. All I know is that by looking at the plate and the slide it sure looks like it could go together upside down and appear to be correct. Make sure to double check your manuals exploded views. Good luck!

Check my exploded view in the manual? Why didn't I think of that? :) I knew some one would come through! I just looked in the manual and can already see That I have that thing in there upside down. I just had the slide out again this evening and if I would have looked at the manual I would have noticed that!

I even went back to my previuos jetting and that didn't fix it so I knew I must have screwed something up.

Thanks Rick :D:D


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