Are there any Aussies that read these posts?

I would think that Australians also read these post. It is the world wide web!!!

Yes thats right Hitman I'm Australian and was wondering if there are anymore here?


G'day YZR 426,there are a few of us here from Australia,I'm in Canberra where are U?

I live in Sydney.

Did you ride MX or trail?

I rode the first round of the Amcross were you there?


Mostly Trail/Enduro and the occasional MX track, no major competition stuff though. Sorry I missed the Amcross, how'd you go? What grade/level are at?I was working up there for 2 yrs on some of the olympic projects, was working long hours(top $$$)but still managed an occasional ride at Menai :) Have you ever been to one of Gaully's advanced rider training courses ? I'm interested in doing one but don't know of anyone who has been to recomend it or not!




YZ timing,EKN needle, VORTEX dualcurve ignition

SF triple platinum s/plug

open box -unifilter

98oct fuel

Staintune s/s open exhaust& header......

Somebody stop me !!!

I have been to a course but it was only a 1 day course,we just went over the basic stuff at first and then moved into on track technique.Overall I found it a good day and value for money,I wouldn't say that I learnt heaps just improved my technique.

I did ok at the Amcross but the track has a dangerous start straight that left a few people wishing that they didn't go.

I haven't done much riding in the trails but I have a mate that used to live in Canberra and his mates still ride heaps down there.

Keep in touch


Oi Oi Oi :):D

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