uncorking wr450?

Amature question from an amature. To uncork a 09' wr450 what do I remove? Do i simply remove everything or just certain componets like the baffle etc.?

Stickys are your friend. Look at the top.


Yep, the first thing to do is look around the forum! :p

I removed the pea shooter from mine and noticed increased performance.

more $ in parts = more speed...

Funny question. As they say, a body of knowledge exists,

I pulled the 'pea-shooter' and the 'goggles' and disabled the Grey Wire, (Also took off the exhaust,) Wouldn't start. One week-old new 09 WR 450F. Put exhaust back on. No start. Hook up Battery tender pigtail and start charging. Re-enable Grey Wire. Bike starts. Call to Dealer (Tx 30 yrs. father/son Austin) "We stopped taking it apart." They couldn't really tell the difference riding. They did do the goggles and the throttle stop. Ground the stock part down. No re-jetting. I told to leave mine stock. Impulse purchase one weekend. I still will do the throttle stop and since I bought the GYRT kit the rest of it. It seems you really have to almost all these mod in sequence and mostly at the same time. Good luck. I can't ride the thing full out anyway. "Corked' is almost like a governor until you learn the bike's power. Only when you are worthy.

i did everything you did and my wr450 is so fast that i had to get sticky gloves just to be able to hang onto the handle bars,

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