2010 tuner

I have a 2010 tuner and i know a lil bit about tuning a carb bike. i know the lower the number on the tuner the less fuel delivered but when you change the ignition numbers what does what i know lower number the more it retards the ign. and the higher the number the more it advances the ign. but when you retard it what do you gain and when you advance it what do you gain.

Good question. I know from trying, but advancing the timing provides better performance in the mid range on my bike for sure. I don't have a pipe or anything so I am unsure how it affects my top end as I do not use high RPMs as there is not really any power.

Advancing the timing too much however can cause problems so you should be careful.

The jay marmont map in the EFI stickie at the top of this forum has a very very good map for ignition that I felt right away when I used it.

It would be interesting to try just the ignition part of the map and not the fuel and see how it affects the bike.

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