engine noise

I have a nealy new 2000 model 426 that I bought from a friend of mine. I noticed today when I started it that it has some engine noise. As soon as I get to 1/8 throttle the noise is gone. I never ride my bike without wearing a helmet. Is this a normal noise that these bikes and my helmet muffles it? I didn't clarify that I bought the bike last October and ride about 2 or 3 times a month. I have never noticed the sound before but hardly ever start it unless I'm going to ride so I usually have on my helmet. I engaged and disengaged the clutch to see if the sound changes through operation of the clutch. It always sounds the same no matter what position the clutch is in. Any comments would be appreciated.


Jason, There has been so much written here concerning engine noise that I would be doing you an injustice trying to answer your question in one reply. Just do a search on

clutch, cb gear, or just plain engine noise and you should have plenty of reading to do.

If that doesn't answer your question then by all means, post your question again! Hope this helps. Don't think I'm trying to blow off your question. Most of us are very eager to help when/where we can. Good luck!

Jason, my money is on the CB gear key. Check out the past threads and get back to us.

That is one of the resons I got in the habit a long time ago of riding with hearing protection (ear plugs). After about the first 5 minutes of riding and getting used to them, it really raises the comfort level. My starts are better because you can actually hear your own bike better, as they really just suppress the high frequency noises associated with most machinery, plus keep the wind and dirt out of your ear canals.


How does the CB key make so much noise without failing?

Seems like if it got to this point it would just give (break) in the next few miles.

Ya think it's worth looking at even if all is well?


I'm with you on the ear plugs Tom. I also find that using the plugs helps me concentrate better on what I'm doing and block out the other bikes....and it seems to have a calming effect on me.

My theory is that at low revs, the play in the key allows the CB shaft to oscillate and bang against the key. It's hard to believe that such a simple thing can make that much noise, but it can, and it will!

The keys get mashed on the sides which causes the play. The more it runs that way, the worse it will get, but I don't know if the key can shear in two. I hate to imagine what might happen then. I'm wondering if the '00 CB keys were not properly hardened. I also think the tolerances are not tight enough, that's why I make mine a tighter fit.

I wouldn't bother inspecting it until the noise starts, or if you happen to be putting in a Hinson basket or something.


Have you inspected the cb gear yet?

Were going to Lake Murray Saturday to ride the cross country course. Give me a call if you can go.

Tom S.

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