'10 yz450f dies constantly and doesnt like to start

So 2010 yz450f has been a bastard to start since day one, most of the time when its cold itll start in 3-5 kicks. Tonight after ruining my first arenacross race night I'm tired of it, it died 3 times in practice. 1 time in each of my motos, and a couple times when I'm sitting at the gate putting my goggles on..... after it dies it will NOT start, in my first moto I kicked it while the rest of my class made 2 laps before I got it going for the checkered flag...... Yes I'm putting it in neutral and yes I'm doing the hold it wide open and kick slow a few times to clear it out. I've never had a problem with killing it before on any other bike. First with the gytr power tuner can I turn up the idle or do something to make it less likely to die? Is it something stupid like a bad spark plug? Anybody? anything? Thanks for any info

Twist your idle adjuster out a couple times. why hold it wide open? I go down slowly with it once, with the start knob pulled out, then kick it hard and it fires right up unless its ice cold outside. when hot i don't have to do anything but just kick it, I adjusted the idle and it never dies unless I go too slow in first without the clutch which is obvious.

Do not give it gas. It's not a 2 stroke.

I have actually had great luck cracking throttle open.

Read the manual. The idle speed is set manually, not by using the tuner.

Read the manual. The idle speed is set manually, not by using the tuner.

Thanks guys, I've read some of the manual and it says if it won't start to hold it wide open and kick it slow a few times to clear it out. Anyways I guess I didn't read the part where I can adjust the idle I thought with this new fangled injection I was stuck. Thanks hopefully I can put together some motos now if this thing will stay running

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