new to me 450

Its far from new but......I picked up a 08 yz450f basket case that had the clutch basket shatter. Cases have been split and everything cleaned out. They included a good clutch they picked up on feebay. But the cylinder has a ring around the top where the piston was so worn it was rocking.


Is this cylinder wear a common thing on 450's? Will it run with it like it is or should I get a new one or replate?

Might need a stator too as someone must have thrown something in the box and chipped the coating. I will re-seal it with some epoxy 1st and see if it works before buying a new one.



That cylinder is shot, you'll more than likely need to replace the piston/rings/pin as well. A new OEM cylinder is $238 from, so the old one isn't really worth re-plating.

Good luck !

Yeah,that cylinder is toast,wear on 450's depends how you ride them,just like any other bike.

A new OEM cylinder is $238 ... so the old one isn't really worth re-plating.

OTOH, it would be a nice core for a 470 kit.

No big bore kit for me......staying stock. Probably going with OEM piston too.

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