2010 yz450f first impressions

Alright so I finally busted down and bought one. Was going to hold out for 2011, but everyone convinced me otherwise. So far I rode it friday for a couple hours doing the break in, and then saturday I rode it heavily. Terrain wasn't what I usually ride on, but it was mostly wide and narrow trails, woop sections, small jumps, rocky terrain, and mountain slopes. I am way impressed with this bike but I like to be critical about things. This will just be a list of many of my observations.

First, make sure to check your air filter and that the snap rod that goes across it is secure, mine was not after I cleaned it after breaking in, and there was so much slime on it i think it was still sealed down. I also noticed a big dent in the muffler after my break in, could have come that way but was probably from a rock being thrown up into it.

Some cons first. The sub frame is really wide right behind the pegs, so when you are going down hills standing up and squeezing the bike it feels fat. I dunno, more to hold on to, but was awkward at first. Second thing was also when standing but on a flat or moderate surface, where the tank extends under the seat is where your legs end up so squeezing it is rather hard and uncomfortable. Also I probably need to move the handlebars slightly, but have yet to make an major adjustments, will do so when I get back to my state.

A lot of people were saying things about it being hard to turn, I had a harder time staying far enough forward, so when you give it the gas on burms and various situations sometimes the front end will want to come up instead of turning, i think with a little handlebar adjustment it shouldn't be as hard to get up there.

Some of hte pros. Now I haven't ridden it yet in my favorite place to go which will be the ultimate test, but I've gotten a reasonable feel for the bike. That is where I will figure out which size sprockets to use etc. Right now it really needs a bigger rear sprocket, especially since I am used to 13/51 on my older 250. But this thing rips, it is extremely fast, has tons of low and mid power. I dragged a couple other guys and destroyed them, and I am a 220 lb rider. It floats over woops like they are nothing, a small twist of the throttle and you will be up and over them like they weren't anything. Most turns it does well, I found myself going way faster than I really wanted to, couldn't help it, it just went fast without trying. The brakes are amazing, I've never been able to stop like this before, or control my bike so well going down steep hills. The clutch feel is wonderful, and the throttle feel is amazing with this fuel injection.

Really is a powerful bike, rides well, able to control the clutch in tight situations in first gear to keep from bogging down, although gearing lower I won't have to do this as much.

Not to mention how beautiful it is. Really I can't give a full review until after I really ride it where I am used to riding, but I wanted to put up my random thoughts about the bike. It felt rather light weight, it still felt like a beast, but was easy to manuever. Suspension felt like I could plow over anything as if it wasn't there, makes me worried to make any adjustments. I know I need to check my sag, it most likely is way off at my weight, but the bike rode so well.

I'm glad I made this purchase, my last bike has lasted me 15 years and was a great investment, I think this one will get a lot of attention from me, and going to do my best to keep this thing top notch, and exactly how I want it. Hope you could understand my ramblings. One thing I was worried about is people saying they couldn't keep the front end down, I haven't done much real hill climbs but i don't think it will be a problem, and the front end doesn't pull up bad like people made it seem.

If anyone ever has questions about the bike I would be happy to answer, and when weather is better and I get a chance to take a trip I will post my opinions then.

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