Clutch Boss

Last night I tore into my clutch to install my PE clutch basket on my '00 426. After looking at the parts I noticed the clutch boss had some grooving along with the old basket which I round filed. Has anyone else had the boss problem? How many '00 426 guys have had to buy these? I smoothed out the grooves but I know this is a temp. fix at best. $$$$$$$$

I used to file the gooves on my YZ250, several times in fact. It is temporary but I don't think it is necessary to replace it until you have filed it so much that it doesn't line up right. Lots of 2smkoe racers I know do this regularly. I hear that aftermarket baskets like the Hinson are much more durable so it may be worth the cash to upgrade...

Just in case you're interested, I have a hinson inner hub (clutch boss). It is MUCH more durable, is machined (not die-cast) so it spins truer, and has extra oiling holes in it for better oil flow to the plates. A big improvement if you don't mind the cost.

It's about $285 from Hinson, but you may be able to get it cheaper somewhere. I couln't find anywhere that carried it other than Hinson! Hope this helps.

Clod: That's a very interesting observation concerning the clutch boss. I only intalled the Hinson basket on my '00 426 and don't remember any grooving on my boss....not that I inspected it. Are these grooves on the boss splines where the plates make contact? Were these grooves noticeably deep? If my clutch becomes grabby again, I think I'll go with the Hinson boss and pressure plate as well.

Boit, Yes they were on the splines. They were deeper than the grooves on the basket. It took me several hours to get them out. Hinson sounds like a good idea. I hope everything works got a race on Sunday. Still haven't got my lower fork tube (dented, parts guy ordered wrong part) so I will be oiling the track. Oh well, if the clutch works good at least I will be in front for awhile.

My clutch boss was grooved and I replaced it with the stock one 35.00 ...And at the same time I drilled the whole thing duplicating the oil hole in every raised area . I figured that I could not hurt it to bad it's only 35.00. So far so good the clutch has never felt so good ...I will keep you informed on the mod after I get some more hours on it

That seems like a overkill, hope it works. I did drill my holes that were there to a larger diameter.

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