'03 yz450f

Just bought a '03 YZ450F. So far bike seems to run great. Looking for any pointers on thumpers. Anyone have any advice for me on maintenance? This is my first 4-stoke. Came off a '95 CR250.

Also need to get some new tires. Any recommendations? I do mostly mid-atlantic trails and some track riding.



i had the same bike, probably my favorite. i did a 6oz flywheel and geared it high. your oil should be chnged with the oil filter after or every other ride. i always ran kenda carlsbad tires since they lasted the longest. the dr.d pipe seems to be the best mod for bottom and mid range power. there is a lowering link for the rear you can get and some offset triple clamps cuz the front end likes to push.

Important maintenance is changing air filter every ride and oil every 2-3 rides.

i bought one new still have it. now days it gets ridden in the woods. i havent done anything but keep it serviced. it was on race track for 2 years. have checked vavle tol. a jillion times and never adjusted. i too geared mine up. luv the 4 speed. easy wheelin scoot. ride 09 now.

I've got an 03 too.

Aside from the oil/air filter, I would suggest you check your swingarm bushings, wheel bearings, steering head bearings, rear shock bearings, etc. sooner than later.

I left mine a little too long apparently, and I had to replace more than I wanted to. I don't do a whole lot of riding, but I'm still going to pull it all apart once a year, just to make sure they still have grease.

Thanks for the input. Bearings all seem good except maybe steering. Guess I'll get on replacing it. How high did you go with gearing? tooth or 2 on front sprocket?

i went up one on the front

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