Hello new to the site with my YZ426F

Heyi joined the site after recently getin my YZF426 so thort i would say hello to every one and tri and uploads some pics of my bike and see wat you all think :p




Thanks guys hope to hear some comments on the bike thanks connor

I can't see the pics

welcome and can't see the pics either :p

That's because they're in his facebook account, and you aren't logged in. Facebook is not the best choice as a photo host.

Hello there sorry guys iv jsut registerd with photo buck and put some pics up hope theys work let us no wat you think :p





Hope to hear from ya soon :thumbsup:

when you go to photobucket... copy and paste the img code link...

struggled with that myself...


thanks for putin pic up feller :p its a 2000 modle and i have the number plate for it if i would want to put it on the road i paied £570 for this bike includin delivery from 40 miles away the shock is nakard and needs a new one but i picked one up for £30 part from that the bike is compleaty strait and in very very good conditon runs mint! let us no wat you guys thinks thanks again feleer

you bet... once you figure out the photobucket thing, it is a pice of cake

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