Skid Plate Question

This may be a dumb :p question but....will a devol skid plate off of a 2009 yz250f fit on a 2009 yz450f?

Hey, ORduneguy!!!

I'd have to guess that it wouldn't fit, but that would only be a guess...... Devol lists 2 different part numbers for a 2007-2009 YZ250F skid plate (YZF-2102SP), and the '06-'09 YZ450F p/n is YZF-2104SP. With two differing part numbers, again, I'd have to guess they're different skid plates. But I'd try giving them a call tomorrow to check for certain on that..... It might work......

Their phone number is 1-360-825-2106 for us Oregon homeys....


Don't know for sure on the 09 but my sons 08 yz250 SP mounting points are all together different than on my 08.

wont fit.. the 250 has an external oil tank where as the 450 does not. the plate has a different bolt patter and has a hole for the dipstick

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