brake pad info

I was at the track (Sunrise in So Cal) a few days ago and spoke with a gentleman who told me about some brake pads that he has been using. I cannot remember the name of the product.

These pads are a carbon or titanium metalic pad and as the pads get hot the surface of the rotor gets a transfer from the pads. The transfered material looks goldish/brownish and is supposed to quickly dispurse the heat from the rotor and make the rotor much more durable.

I am hoping that the vast knowledge of the participants of this site can help me out.

Thanks in advance, yzernie

Ernie, sounds like you have heard of some new compound available on the market, but based on your description I can't make out what it could be.

The pad, by the way, does not function as a form of heat transfer away from the disc. The disc does that on it's own. Based alone on it's size, the pad cannot dissipate heat, it can only transfer it and the only place to transfer it is the caliper. Which is not a good place for heat to go. The goal is really to heat the pad to a proper operating temp, then move all extra heat back to the rotor.

About the best a pad could do, although few designs do this, is to transfer out the gases formed between the rotor and pad, but again, on this bike it's the rotor that does that.

It sounds like what you have heard of is a mixture (compound) of a semi metallic and carbon makeup. And there's usually some filler in there. Neither of which is new to pad compounds, but perhaps someone has put together a new ratio that bits a little better and keeps a more consistent feel.

The bottom line is that dirt bike brakes don't really get that hot. The braking distances, weight of the bike, and speeds are not that great. However, good braking power and "feel" is very important. A good quality pad will help, but the real fix for this application is a larger rotor since it’s really an issue of torque. Hence the usage by the factory teams and top riders.

Perhaps we could take a look at Galper, GBC, or Brembo and see if one of them has come out with something worth trying.


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