F*****g Carb slide

Could someone explain me why this carbslide is so expensive (you'll probably explain me we are talking about hig tech racing materials .....) but if it 's really high tech, why does it break !!!!!????? :)


'99 WR400 F, YZ exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, WR timing, airbox cover removed

If you have access to the right people, I wonder if one could be machined out of SS (inconel would be my favorite or maybe titanium)?

Did you try getting it from Sudco or your local Keihin parts distributor in Belgium rather than the Yamaha dealer? The price should be better.


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I just broke my too. Darn it. Sudco don,t sell this parts. : (

Sudco definitely sells the parts. I've bought 2 from them. :D

They call it a vacumm release plate. Make sure you buy the seal that goes behind it!!

The first one I bought, I didn't know that there was a seal for it and it broke after a few rides! :)


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Uni filter,E-Series pipe,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,lights removed,YZ tank,13 tooth sprocket

Is this something I can look forward to replacing? Did you do ant modifications to the carb (remove stop) to make this happen?



Sudco don't sell this parts made of others materials like titanium. :)

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