I just got the new copy of Trans World MX magazine. They tested a boatload of pipes on a YZ250F and liked the Dubach pipe best.


MotoGreg, I actually spoke with Doug himself after I posted this earlier. He claims the 426 pipe will be available in 2-4 weeks! I already have one on order based on the info he gave me. He's also making a system for the TTR-125. I may put that on my son's bike. I guess not too many people are as interested in this here as I am, but I think there's no one better to figure out what works best on these bikes than the guy who R&D's them! He's actually very personable to talk to and very eager to share set-up tips on these bikes. I just thought others here would be interested.

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Dirtdad: I think many 426 owners are VERY interested in exhaust systems for their bikes. I know I am. the thing about these systems is that each rider should have a good idea of where in the RPM range he wants the most power. Most exhaust systems change how the power is delivered. For example, I wanted to boost low end power and make the transition into the mid-range to be more predictable, so I chose a White Brothers hi-boy header and carbon fiber no-disc silencer. With the high 1st gear ratio, this setup accomplished exactly what I wanted....plus shaved off a little weight. It would be hard to convince me to shell out a few hundred bucks for another exhaust system that would probably change my power delivery only subtly. If I had just bought my bike, I would probably get a Dubach system. By the way, did he describe how his sytem would change the power band?

From where I sit, the dyno results show how the power drops off once the RPM gets around 9,800(stock)...so why continue revving beyond that point? It's time to shift. It seems to me that the best thing to do is to keep the engine where it makes the meat of it's power...and try to match the exhaust to that range. I try to never hit the limiter.

Just got off the phone with Dabach Racing Development. Their YZ426 pipe is supposed to be ready to put out by the end of this month! They said the YZ250F pipe is already being sold and they also have a pipe on the drawing board for the TTR-125. All their pipes come with a removable S/A too. Just spreading the word in case anyone is interested.

Boit, I agree with everything you stated in your reply. I have a pretty good understanding of how exhaust systems change/move the power delivery. Those are the questions I asked Doug and the answers he gave me are what made me decide to go with his exhaust. I didn't post this info thinking that those who already shelled out a couple hundred bucks would be interested in shelling out some more to change there exhaust. I just thought for those of you all like me who've been holding out to make this decision would be interested in hearing what Dubach had to offer. BTW, according to him, his target is to have the exhaust do exactly what you described. He feels that this bike already has enough overall power.

He's making his pipe to be better off the bottom to mid, be smoother in transition and not give up any on top. I know there's already pipes out there that do this, but he's also keeping everything (hardware, fit,

etc.) as close to stock as possible. He had alot of very interesting things to say. Oh, I almost forgot one more thing that appealed to me. The tail section on his exhaust is much like stock except it has a removable end cap (much like many others) and comes with a SA.


Thanks for all the info. I was see-sawing between the WB R4 or the Dubach pipe without really knowing much about the Dubach product. I just figured who better than Dr.D. Your info confirmed this.

Odie, Nice to hear that someone actually read what I said and found it useful.

I can't imagine a better person to build YZF exhaust systems than Dubach. I'm sure that he has spend more time on the seat of a YZF than anyone in the world!!

Even though he is a pro and only about 100 times faster than I am, he is still a vet racer. The thing I'm impressed with is the fact that he has R & D'd the YZF's from the very beginning of their existance.

I have seen Dubach at Sunrise (So. Cal.) many time testing his products. From what I have seen, they look to be of good workmanship.

Dubach knows the YZF's and I'm sure he will produce a quality product.


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