Reasons I ride again

Tourettes' Syndrom. That's the reason I got back into moto again from a 20 year layoff. I am partners with my brother in a CNC shop and experience wild times due to his condition. The 420 lets me blow off steam. The other day I sissy punched him a few times to get him to stop yelling on account that I asked him to change something in his tool path. He started freaking out a ran out with a metal bar. One of my guys called 911 and the cops showed up a half hour later. No joke! This is all true. Hope none of your relatives out there has Tourettes'. :)

'99 YZ-420 E-series pipe / header

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Sorry to hear about your brother. I think there is a pro jumper (Twich?) that has this condition.

hey sorry about your bro.

i work in a cnc shop and tool

paths make me cranky too

damn G codes, M codes,

riding isn't as scary

as a umpredicted rapid move.

ouch!!! crash!!!

98 yz 400 f

Hugh: I wasn't aware that Tourette's affected the personality beyond an uncontrollable physical tic and sudden verbal outbursts of cursing. Are there more severe cases where the sufferer becomes violent and isn't aware of what he/she is doing?

My ex-wife is bipolar and that was a nightmare trying to live with her condition. I have a clue as to what it must be like for you. Best wishes... :)

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Thanks for the support Guys. ( Yes programming can be stressful, we run Bosto's with IBAG spindles. Crash one of those and kiss 10,000.00 goodbye )

Boit, seems not all Tourette's cases are the same. My brother is extremely bright and has 2 degrees in the sciences. However his personality prevented him from working in his chosen field. He exibits exteme frustration totaly out of proportion to the incident. He exibited some character quirks early in life and we never knew what it was all about. Things got so out of hand one evening at work that I did some reaserch on the Web and finally found out what it was. He was never diagnosed and when confronted with this remains indifferent.

On a spiritual side we have all inhereted Adam's imprefection so this helps me deal with it.

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