JDJETTING or Dinner and a move

I just recieved the new JD jetting kit. I want to work on the bike tonight but the wife has plans for dinner and a move. :)


Get Pizza delivered, you can dine out in the garage.

Dear JDJetter,

Theres no reason you both can't enjoy a splendid evening! Just set up a candlelit table and the TV/VCR combo in the garage for 2.

Between the pasta premevera and the cheesecake for dessert there will be plety of time for some Keihn tuning! :)



Get your balls out of your wifes purse, and go work on your bike. :)

In a perfect world your wife would install the jetting after cooking you dinner while you were relaxing on the couch with a cold one. :)


P.S. I know what I would be doing if it was me and my wife had these plans. Dinner and a movie. :D

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