Need some 426 low end power.

I ride a 2002 426. This weekend at a mx race my bike had some issues so I rode my sons 2010 yz450. Fell in love with the low end power. I had my bike's suspension all redone for me, so I don't want to buy a new bike. Just what to know what mods I can do for more low end. It still has the stock cam's & head pipe.

Is your bike jetted properly? May be able to get some snappier response if the bike is running too rich.

How about a 1 tooth larger rear sprocket?

Air filter clean?

Drained the carb after last washing?

Just tossing ideas out. Good luck!

Thanks. I think it is a little on the rich side.

I'm guessing you won't quite ever be able to match the 2010's low end, not saying you can't improve yours though.

Try WR exhaust cam timing...

A high compression piston will add some grunt as well.

Both will cost a bit on top, though...actually, the WR cam timing will get rid of the midrange hit, too (at least most of it)

Holy crap. Your jetting must be way off or something. Have you done the Oring mod and everything? I want more top end, the bottom end is amazing

i had a 2002 426 for 5 years and loved the low end power. i now have a 2007 450 and it has nothing on the 426. i had white brothers highboy header (low end header) wit the E-series muffler. i also dropped to a 50 tooth rear sprocket. and jetted the carb right . thats it for performance parts. everyone who ever rode the bike said it was a hand full. i loved it and wish my 07 was like it in the power field.

I think I will time the AP squirt & add the adj air screw. Then go from there. It has a 53 rear sprocket on it now. Which I have to change when I ride Desert. It's a fun bike. Thanks everyone for your input!

i did the 444 big bore from lukes racing, stage 1 hotcams, full exhaust, 50 sprocket, fmf 4.1 full system the bike has so much hit down low it's enough that you have to be ready for it. i'm thinking of hi comp piston for next summer just to make it insane. but now i don't rev it out as much and use the torque to move me and it seems to get tons of traction. my brother big bored cammed and stroked his 07 yzf450 and mine still feels like it has more bottom and mid.

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