2010 yz450 radiator lowering

just got new 2010 want to put the radiator lowering kit on it ,anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this ? I have put them on my 07 450 and 05 250f's ,but this bike doesn't look as straight foward .

I thought the radiators were lowered enough, they were much lower than on my old 05 two stroke, made a huge difference in how top heavy the bike is. I love the feel.

Point being, how much can you benefit from going lower?

When I was looking at the rads they didn't look any different than previous ones I had dealt with. The lower plastic can be removed easy enough and I would also remove the 3 bolts (I believe there are three) for the air ducts. There is a bolt behind and then two out front, I believe they are allen heads.

What problems are you seeing?

With no header in the way they were able to mount them lower from the factory.

looking at my 07 450 the new bike radiators are lower ,but the install on that bike the shrouds were straight on the bottom edge ,it appears that the 2010 will need cutting of the plastic to get it to work ? The radiator lowering made a noticeable difference in my 06 yz250f and the 07 450f in feel and balence .

If you go any lower you may expose the bottom of the rads to more possible rock/roost damage.. Just another thought.

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