my new 09 450

picking up my new to me 09 it only has 6.5 on the hour meter but anyway my ? is whats the good and bad of the bike so I know what to look for I am coming from an 07 so whats the big little or no difference between the 2


I have been told that the header is restrictive and the silencer is even more so, ditch the stock exhaust for something decent.

Other than that, this bike is pretty dang good, lots of people have good things to say about it.

The muffler is restrictive. The header is oversized as a compensation for the muffler, and if the muffler is replaced with something better, the header then becomes counterproductive.

If it still has the stock exhaust, get rid of that to start with. If you find like most of us the '09 feels a little lazy and could use some snap, look at swapping the cams and CDI to the '06 parts. Check to see if you have the upgraded head tube bearings and seal, mine didn't. Other than that, get it set-up for you and have fun! I love my '09!! :p

Yep, the stock exhaust. The only rider I know who enjoys his 09 with the stock exhaust was looking for an off-road bike with less bark than his other 450F.

picked up the bike today and I cant wait for the weekend this baby is mint its brand new thank god i found this deal after market black wheels full fmf power core set up with power bomb header and a set of hot cams 6.5 hours just like he said not a scratch to be found renthal twin wall bars new tires chain and sprockets and moded suspension by a very reputable local shop that is lways around the tracks for track side supporthe owns a local shop and race team and his spoiled A rider rode the bike 4 times and switched to a kawi the bike has been sittin ever since the only thing left is to get it dialed in to my liking I will le you know how I make out with itaccording to him its rejeted to perfection and he gave me the stock jet and what his settings are so hopefully its what he says it is as far as performance goes but either way I cant wait to ride it

Wow, that's pretty well set-up. Do you know if the valving is set close enough for your weight?

its not but he claims I will be able to find a good setting so we will see if I cant get it right I will just let the suspension shop get it right for me I will find out on sunday what the verdict will be

Mine was set up for a pretty light, aggressive, A level rider. The valving was close for my slower, less aggressive riding, but my 200 lb fat ass just didn't work well with it and I couldn't find any good settings. New springs and a complete revalve later and it's sweet!

thats what im thinking as well for me but ill be fine with that a small price to pay for a good bike

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