Please Help 2010 question urgent??

Im hours away from buying a 2010 450 my only concern is me being 6'5. I have had several people say the cockpit feels small. I have 2 o8s and an 09 as long as I can raise bars, lower pegs and run a tall seat like my 09 etc and it feel the same im fine. So what are you guys feeling coming off older yamis do you feel more cramped about the same? Or if there are any tall guys here how do you feel?

Thanks so much,

Im 6ft 3 and I have a set of whindham twinwalls and the bars moved to the from position on the tripple clamp and it feels great to me.Never liked tall seats.I never tried low footpegs though as I figured they would just catch on ruts and jump faces more.

im 6'1 and put suzuki high bars on and moved the bars to the forward spot in the top clamp. im comfortable with the set up

I'm 6' and I find that that the bike is just a little tall for me...

On my yz250 I didn't have this problem, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't as tall.

I know because whenever I kicked start the bike it rolls backwards with the way I adjust my footing for every kick... Foot isn't flat on the ground.

If a 2010 doesn't fit you, no bike will....

I'm contemplating on having the seat shaved!

I have had several people say the cockpit feels small.
If nobody had ever said that, does it feel small to you? My son was 14 and 5'9" or 10" when he got his YZ250F, and 16 and 6'1" when he got his '06 YZ450. He's now 6'4"ish and is perfectly comfortable sitting forward on the bike. He runs Windham bend bars, but that's the only concession or adjustment he's made to his size, and the bars went on the 450 before he rode it for the first time. No tall seat, no lowered pegs, no problem.

But he grew up on the bike, and I know that can be a little different for those of us who didn't. I'm also aware that I'm not talking about a 2010. I'm just saying that reasonably normal people can adapt to a lot of things, and you shouldn't let what others say scare you off.

If a 2010 doesn't fit you, no bike will....

All in all. It's an ok fit. I feel good on it, but I'm 6'1, 200lbs and after I saw a picture of me riding it, I look like a Linebacker on an 85.

Windham bend bars, step seat, mounts as forward as possible.

I am 6' - 4" and love how tall the bike is. I usually run a tall seat but not on the 2010. I run KX high bends in the forward position and I typically run lower pegs but not on the 10. So as someone said earlier if this bike does not fit you none will. It is the largest cockpit I have felt on a 450 so go spend your $ you wont regret it.

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